Evangelical Covenant Church
of Venice Isle
Venice, Florida


Bible Study
Venetian Room
Clubhouse 2
2-3 p.m.
Dairy Queen Fellowship - 1st Monday of every month, 4-7 p.m.      Venice Culver's - Mon. - Share Night  

Four Themes of the Southeast Conference  
Reach the Lost
Transform Lives
Nurture the Faithful  
Reflect the Kingdom

                                                                  This Week at ECCVI:

  • Tues. Church Council Mtg 9AM Venetian Rm. at CH. 2.
                                                       Looking Ahead:

  • Mon. Dec. 2 Decorate the Church for Christmas at 3PM followed by Church Night at the DQ from 4 to 7PM.
  • Sun. Dec. 8 KICY Radio Station: 100% Sunday.
  • Sun. Dec. 8 Christmas Carols and Cookies 6:30 PM. FREE! Open to ALL. We will need cookies and helpers.


                                                         Ministry Opportunities - Open to All:

  • NEW Ushers/Greeter: You have the option to sign-up for one week or multiple weeks. Sign-up sheets are on the Welcome Table. If you      
    want to serve for the month GREAT. Can’t serve the whole month? Serve what you can. If you see a week that you can serve, please do.
  •  Flowers Ministry honors God and ministers to the church with flowers on Sunday.  Opportunities throughout Nov.       
  •  Prayer Ministry: provides directed opportunities to pray. An UPDATED list of “On-going Prayer Needs” is available on-line and;
        on the  Welcome Table. Take one home; pray.

                                                                              Church Notices:

  • Thank you for your donations to help those in need ministered to by the South County Food Pantry.
  • Today’s Hymns in large print available with bulletin.
  • Thank you for wearing a nametag!
  • Membership in ECCVI is open to everyone; dual membership is available for those wanting to retain membership in their church up            
    north.  Applications are on the Welcome Table. Give completed applications to Pastor Liz; call her with any questions.
  •  Attendance   October 27 was 55

The Three Ships of the Southeast Conference:
“We are better together!”
Fellowship  Leadership  Discipleship

Mission Priorities of the Evangelical Covenant Church ( ECC):
                   "We are in it together!”
  •   Start & Strengthen Churches
  •   Develop Leaders
  •   Make & Deepen Disciples
  •   Serve Globally
  •   Love Mercy, Do Justice                                                                                                          


Pastor Liz Jensen – (Home) 493-1420 (Cell) 525-4892
Church Secretary: Joyce Durbin (Cell) 813-841-4863

Church Council Members:     
Mission Priorities of the Covenant Church:
“We are in it together!”

       Start & Strengthen Churches         
    Develop Leaders
          Make & Deepen Disciples         
    Serve Globally
    Love Mercy, Do Justice
Jim K – Chair  
Ron B– Vice Chair
Ann G – Secretary  
Marna C - Treasurer
Phil V– Financial Secretary
Emilee B, Donna C, Julie H. Fred R


  •  Last Sunday you donated $290 to help those in need ministered to by the South County Food Pantry. Thank you!
  • Thanks to all who shared food and fellowship at the DQ last Monday!