Evangelical Covenant Church
of Venice Isle
Venice, Florida

Dairy Queen Fellowship - 1st Monday of every month, 4-7 p.m.      

Four Themes of the Southeast Conference  
Reach the Lost
Transform Lives
Nurture the Faithful  
Reflect the Kingdom
This Week:

  • Bible Study Thursday; 9-10:15AM– we will be learning about lesser known, but critical people in the Bible. Zoom link:
  • Every morning at 8 AM, join me for 15 minutes of reflection and prayer.  If you have particular prayer needs, you will have the
    opportunity to share them, and we will lift them up in prayer.  The link for this is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82138910263

Looking ahead:

  • Tue. Apr 13 Church Council Meeting CH1, 9AM
  • Mon. Apr 19 Share Night at Venice Culver’s 4-7PM

Ministry Opportunities - Open to All

  • Flowers honor God and bless others. To order call Ann at 612-715-1336 or send an email to  wattsnoo@yahoo.com.  Put $30 in an
    offering envelope labeled FLOWERS with your name
  • Meals: This ministry needs a new coordinator to provide a few meals on a short term basis for “laid-up” church members and    
    friends.   If you are able to make and deliver meals when the need arises, would like to donate to help pay for food, or are in need of     
    help,   please call Janet Keckler: 488-5511.

Church Notices   

  • After worship recycle or throw your bulletin away at home. For the safety of our precious volunteers, don’t  leave it behind or hand it    
        to someone to discard for you.
  • Attendance                                                                                 

 Church Council Members:     

Pastor: Mary Hendrickson (Cell) 253-906-2512
(Email) hendrickson.mary55@gmail.com

Church Secretary: Joyce Durbin (Cell) 813-841-4863

Becky E D – Chair  
Gretchen D– Vice Chair
Betty B – Secretary  
Marna C - Treasurer
Carl R– Financial Secretary
Ron B, Gary D, Hal G, Julie H
Mission Priorities of the Evangelical Covenant Church ECC:

The ECC desires to see more disciples among more populations
in a more caring and just world. “We are in it together!”“

       Start & Strengthen Churches         
    Develop Leaders
          Make & Deepen Disciples         
    Serve Globally
    Love Mercy, Do Justice

             Four Themes of the Southeast Conference of the ECC
“We are better together!”

  Reach the Lost                    Transform Lives
  Nurture the Faithful            Reflect the Kingdom