Evangelical Covenant Church
of Venice Isle
Venice, Florida


Bible Study
Venetian Room
Clubhouse 2
2-3 p.m.
Dairy Queen Fellowship - 1st Monday of every month, 4-7 p.m.      Venice Culver's - Mon. - Share Night  

Four Themes of the Southeast Conference  
Reach the Lost
Transform Lives
Nurture the Faithful  
Reflect the Kingdom

                                                                        This Week at ECCVI:

  • Thurs. Closer Walk Bible Study: the Gospel of John; 2-3PM CH 2 Venetian Rm.

                                                                         Looking Ahead:

  • Sun. Nov. 3 at 2AM Daylight Saving Time ENDS. Fall Back. Turn your clock BACK 1 hour.


                                                               Ministry Opportunities - Open to All:

  • NEW Ushers/Greeter: You have the option to sign-up for one week or multiple weeks. Sign-up sheets are on the Welcome Table. If you   
    want to serve for the month GREAT. Can’t serve the whole month? Serve what you can. If you see a week that you can serve, please do.
  •  Flowers Ministry honors God and ministers to the church with flowers on Sunday.  Opportunities throughout Nov.           
  • Meals Ministry: provides a few meals on a short term basis for “laid-up” church members and friends. If you are able to make and
          deliver   meals when the need arises, would like to donate to help pay for food, or are in need of help, please call Janet Keckler:
  •  Prayer Ministry: provides directed opportunities to pray. An UPDATED list of “On-going Prayer Needs” is available on-line and;
           on the  Welcome Table. Take one home; pray.
                                                                         Church Notices:

  •  Thank you for helping people in need ministered to by the South County Food Pantry.
  • Today’s Hymns in large print available with bulletin.
  • Thank you for wearing a name tag!
  • Membership in ECCVI is open to everyone; dual membership is available for those wanting to retain membership in their church up        
    north.  Applications are on the Welcome Table. Give completed applications to Pastor Liz; call her with any questions.
  •  Attendance   October  6 was 59

The Three Ships of the Southeast Conference:
  “We are better together!”
    Fellowship  Leadership  Discipleship

Mission Priorities of the Evangelical Covenant Church ( ECC):
                         "We are in it together!”
  •   Start & Strengthen Churches
  •   Develop Leaders
  •   Make & Deepen Disciples
  •   Serve Globally
  •   Love Mercy, Do Justice                                                                                                          


Pastor Liz Jensen – (Home) 493-1420 (Cell) 525-4892
Church Secretary: Joyce Durbin (Cell) 813-841-4863

Church Council Members:     
Mission Priorities of the Covenant Church:
“We are in it together!”

       Start & Strengthen Churches         
    Develop Leaders
          Make & Deepen Disciples         
    Serve Globally
    Love Mercy, Do Justice
Jim K – Chair  
Ron B– Vice Chair
Ann G – Secretary  
Marna C - Treasurer
Phil V– Financial Secretary
Emilee B, Donna C, Julie H. Fred R